Ethics & Sustainability

Fairtrade and Ethically Made.
Sustainability and transparency are at the core of Sunday Rae’s values.
We’re a brand that stands for reducing carbon emissions, taking care of the planet, and sourcing textiles responsibly to create long-lasting slow fashion with minimal waste.
We searched high and low for an ethical manufacturer that met our expectations, and there was an enormous amount of research involved in the vetting process.
Once we identified a potential supplier, we visited their factory in Indonesia to make sure everything was legitimate.
Not only was the supplier super-professional and knowledgable, but the factory itself was clean, efficient, and full of happy workers who are taken care of with above-average pay and benefits such as bonuses, annual leave, medical insurance, retirement funds, contributions to children’s education, uniforms, meals, weekends off and a travel allowance.
To this day, we are proud to partner with them. Their love for their work and respect for their staff is of utmost importance to Sunday Rae as we believe in fair work for everyone, regardless of their location.
We’re always searching for new fabric technologies that help reduce our impact on Mother Earth. Our garments are made from 100% Rayon which is a fabric produced from tree pulp, locally produced in Indonesia.
Rayon uses half the amount of energy required to produce cotton, has a silk-like feel, is cool and breezy to wear, and requires minimal ironing - win! 
Sunday Rae has now changed over to digital printing which uses the least amount of water in the printing process and is better for the earth. We will continue on our sustainability journey by further reducing waste and researching new ways to minimise our environmental footprint.