Giving Back

Over the last year we have been giving back to some amazing charities close to my heart. 
The reason we are doing this is support others in need and spread more awareness. 
I have been really wanting to find a way to give back to my community more. So each month I need your help to decide how Sunday Rae can contribute to the community.  
I have decided to give to a different charity, go fund me or give to someone in need each month. I really want you all to be included in who we give to. 
$1 from each sale will be donated to a chosen charity each month.
We are so grateful for your orders and know every time you order from Sunday Rae, you are helping someone in need. 
I would love your help to choose our next months charity. Simply send us a dm or email with your favorite charity to give to.
Thank you for continuous support to help make a difference in our world.
Much Love
Sunday Rae
Check out our Instagram highlight 'Giving Back' to see what charities we have supported thus far.